Bruce Short Solicitors offer expert legal advice and court representation for all road traffic offences, speeding and driving offence cases – with an impressive success rate.

Our road traffic case lawyers regularly represent clients in the Justice of the Peace and Sheriff Courts in road traffic and driving offence cases including:

  • Driving Whilst Using A Mobile Phone
  • Driving Without Any Car / Vehicle Insurance
  • Speeding Offences – Driving Over Speed Limit, Caught By Speed Gun / Camera
  • Cases Where Your Driving Licence Is At Risk
  • Driving Without A Driving Licence
  • Driving Without An MOT Certificate For Car / Vehicle
  • Drink Driving – Over The Legal Alcohol Limit
  • Driving Whilst Under The Influence Of Drugs
  • Careless Driving
  • Dangerous Driving

Our goal is always to help you stay on the road. We appreciate how important keeping your driving licence is to you; we will provide the most robust defence possible to prevent you losing your license or receiving a driving ban.

Maybe you have a number of points on your licence, and have received a ticket or citation which if convicted of an offence would mean you would be reaching 12 or more points, or are a new driver with 3, or no points on your licence. We can help you keep your licence, we can present to the court information to allow you to keep your licence, limit any points imposed or prevent any points being imposed at all, alternatively we can seek for you limited disqualification of 55 days or less as an alternative to receiving points.

We regularly act as defence lawyers for all drivers – business owners, employees and private motorists; providing a tailored, dedicated and comprehensive service to each client. We pride ourselves in fighting for our clients, and insist on an aggressive defence for all our clients facing road traffic, speeding or driving charges in court.

We will look thoroughly at any police statements or reports before advising on your best legal defence in court.

For the best defence it is important that you take action early to receive specialist and expert advice from a knowledgeable road traffic lawyer on this complicated area of Law;

Your first interview or telephone consultation with Bruce Short Solicitors is always free.

Unfortunately, for many road traffic and driving cases Legal Aid is not available. We do however offer cost effective Block Fees for road traffic /driving offence cases’ legal fees and costs. This means that you will know from the outset how much your defence from our lawyers will cost should it proceed to trial. These block fees represent a significant saving for you; unlike other law firms we will not charge you by an hourly rate. If you were to be charged at an hourly rate the costs would be significantly higher. We also offer flexible payment options including staged payments.

Contact our road traffic lawyers, call us at ANY time of day on our 24/7 emergency helpline on 07774 277245 or call our office on 01382 223400 to make an appointment to discuss your road traffic, speeding or driving offence case with us today.

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