At Bruce Short Solicitors, we are happy to represent both private paying and legally aided clients in criminal defence cases including all road traffic cases.

Whilst a significant proportion of our clients do qualify for Legal Aid, many of our clients, either due their income levels or their personal/financial circumstances, do not qualify for Legal Aid. We will provide you with a guide from the outset whether your case will qualify for Legal Aid. Certain types of cases including many types of road traffic cases do not qualify for Legal Aid as such our fees are charged on a private paying basis.

At Bruce Short Solicitors, we operate our fees system on a Fixed Fee or Hourly Rate basis. This means that we offer clients the option of paying a set fee or paying as the case progresses.

We believe our fee rates are fair, reasonable and represent true value for money, given the individual, personal attention, time, care and consideration each case and client receives. Ultimately, we wouldn’t expect you to work for nothing and we operate under the same belief.

We are happy to accept payment either by Standing Order, BACS, Cheque or Cash. We also operate flexible payment solutions/payment plans for all our clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact our legal team, either by phone or email, to discuss your individual case and situation regarding legal fees.

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