You have the right, no matter the allegation or crime, whether a Domestic Assault, Breach of the Peace or any other offence, to speak to a solicitor before any Police Interview. You also have the right to have a solicitor present with you during any police interview.

Unlike other law firms if you ask for us, or call us, day or night we will organise to meet, talk to or be present with you during any police interview.

During a police interview it is your right to stay silent, to make no comment. You do not have to “give your side of the story” or tell the police anything. You can simply say “no comment”. It is for the Police, and later the Crown, to prove any allegations they are making against you.

Often it is our experience that when people waive their right to silence they later find that their version of events hasn’t been accepted but the information which they have given in putting that version forward has been used against them, and frequently speaking to the police can prejudice your case.

Our advice to clients who are arrested or detained in police custody is to insist on a consultation and take legal advice from a solicitor before you are questioned by police; and for our solicitors to be present with you during any police interview if you ask us to be.

We pride ourselves in fighting for our clients and insist on an aggressive defence.

If you are held at a police station and need legal representation, your first interview or telephone consultation whilst in police custody is always free.  Contact Bruce Short defence lawyers today – call our office on 01382 223400 or our 24 hour emergency helpline on 07774 277245.

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